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Choosing to study abroad is a very important and life changing decision, and completing an Australian Qualification, learning English, diploma or university degree will mean excellent career opportunities and job prospects.

We have over a 1000 study options to choose from. We help students with accommodation arrangements and organise social activities. We also assist students in finding part-time work whilst they’re studying. All this in Australia the lucky country where your future is unlimited!

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Student Visa

Regardless of where you choose to study within Australia, one thing remains the same and that is you will require a STUDENT VISA in order to study in Australia.

The bulk information you need to apply for your student visa can be found on the web at http://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Stud, however here are some tips to ensure that you are adequately prepared before you go online.

To qualify for a student visa you must be accepted in a registered course, on a full-time basis.

Documents Do I need?


The passport you hold together with the education provider you choose to study with, will affect what Risk Level your visa application will be subject to: Streamlined or Regular.
The Risk Levels are an objective measure of immigration risk for each student.
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How to Apply?


If you are Assessment Level 1, you can apply online for an electronic student visa. Otherwise, you may also...
Otherwise, you may also be able to apply by post or in person at your local Australian embassy or immigration office.
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Your family (spouse or children) may be able to join you in Australia on a student visa as part of your family unit.
In order to do this they must be declared on your own student visa application.
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Documents Do I need?


The documentation needed to support your visa application will depend on your Assessment Level. However, there are ...
However, there are some general requirements for all applicants, no matter what assessment level they are. These include being in good health, having…
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What is your interest?

Deciding to study in Australia means you will have access to a variety of options to choose from, depending on your interests.

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Student visa Australia
HELLO AUSSIE STUDENT SERVICES does not charge a fee for the assistance offered to students. Read More..
Yes. To be granted a student visa you must you must complete a visa application form, lodge it with Read More..
Australian qualifications are respected internationally when seeking employment or further Read More..
An Australian Government Survey showed that in terms of tuition fees and living expenses, Read More..


HELLO AUSSIE STUDENT SERVICES works together with trusted education institutions all over Australia. These are our partners and we are proud of them:

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what students say about us

I found out about Hello Aussie Student Services from my friend who advised me and told me that they will help and guide me in the right direction.
They understand a student and did their best to help and find a solution to any problem. Even financial problems they negotiated with the University in my name and got me the best deal and helped me pay the tuition fees in installments which made my life much easier.
I didn’t have to move from home, all my papers and everything has been done by Hello Aussie Student Services. E.g. University enrolment, insurance, payment ect….
I love their student services and I cannot express how much they have been helpful. This is the best service I’ve ever had “Trustee people, Hard workers, good advisor and always think about the welfare of a student”. I love HELLO AUSSIE STUDENT SERVICES…
I’ve heard of Hello Aussie Student Services from a friend. Hello Aussie Student Services gave a personalised solution to my education goals. They always looked after me since I contacted them until today and they answered to all my questions in a professional matter. They negotiated with schools on my behalf and got me a good deal. Don’t change guys!!! You are doing a Great Job!!!
Csaba Hegyi - Hungary
My name is Imre Somogyi and I study IT course at IIBIT. I chose Hello Aussie Student Services because I heard only good things about them and it is all true. They are very fast and professional and you get the feeling that they do everything possible for the student (sometimes more 🙂 ).
They are reliable, quick, helpful and flexible. I think that they really enjoy the work they are doing, they are always enthusiastic and I really believe that they manage the student services not only for the benefit, they really enjoy their work. They organised everything about the school, visa, OSHC. All I had to do was to sign the documents.
I think Hello Aussie Student Services is the best education agency I’ve met. They have always up to date information and they always inform me. So they care about your school life when you are already studying so what I mean is that the students are always first for them not just at the beggining when you pay your school fees and signed the contract like some other agencies.
I recomend this agency for everyone who want to study in Australia. They can find any school they need.
Imre Somogyi - Hungary, Diploma of Information Technology - IIBIT
My name is Jose Roberto Xavier Ferreira Junior, I am from Brazil I was studying Business at Bridge Business College.
I choose Hello Aussie Student Services because my friend told me about the excellent service. The service is excellent and Stefan always helped me when I needed.
My father had a heart attack when I was in Australia so I had to go back to Brazil urgently. I sent a message to Stefan about this problem and then will talk with my school to send me the certificate of my attendance. The service is awesome, is the best agency in Australia.
Jose Roberto Xavier Ferreira Junior - Brazil, Diploma of Business - Bridge Business College
Hello Aussie did all the legwork and I was in Australia on the course of my choice in no time at all. A very warm and personal service. They know what they’re doing.
Once I decided to apply for a permanent visa, they offered highly professional and specialised service. Highly recommended!
Ion Iordache - Romania, Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190)

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